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Public Speaking Testimonials

Memorial Day Address, Land's End, San Francisco, 2009

"JD Wetterling is a captivating and articulate spokesmen for veterans and current military personnel of the United States. From his moving presentation [to our college students] about the Vietnam War, I felt as close as I will ever get to the unbelievable experiences of a jet fighter pilot in a hellish environment. I was deeply moved by the sacrifice of all veterans everywhere, and I was mesmerized by JD's compelling and descriptive language. I highly recommend him as a speaker!"
Dr. Benjamin Payne, Professor, Florida College

“[Mr. Wetterling] brought the largest ever attendance in its history to this yearly event [SARAMANA Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution] in Sarasota, FL. As a former academic lecturer, editor and publishing executive, I cannot recall any speaker of the last fifty years who I would rate more highly for a non-religious testimonial address. I am pleased to recommend him in terms of presentation and content but also for his personal charm as a speaker.”
Alvin A. Abbot, Son of the American Revolution

“I have heard Mr. Wetterling speak on two occasions. On each occasion he held the rapt attention of his audience throughout his talk. His book, SON OF THUNDER, is the finest I have read about the United States participation in the Vietnam episode. In my estimation, it will be the book that establishes the standard for a segment of American history that will be under scrutiny for generations. Mr. Wetterling is an artist with words and is equally competent speaking publicly as he is in writing. I have listened to many speakers in my life and few have matched the ability of Mr. Wetterling.”
James V. Edmundson, Lt. Gen., USAF (Ret.)

“It has been my great pleasure to listen to Mr. JD Wetterling address two sizable gatherings, one in Austin, Texas, and the other in Las Vegas, NV. He is a skilled storyteller and captured both audiences with his first hand accounts of flying fighter aircraft in combat. As his anecdotes unfolded, he related the experiences to the impact they have had upon his personal life and upon society in general. JD Wetterling brings with him a full package of issue-oriented messages. He is comfortable discussing current national issues as well as those from the past, and he speaks with a moral authority that springs from his exemplary lifestyle. He would be a valuable addition to the agenda of any group interested in listening to an articulate patriot with a firm grasp of values needed in today’s world.”
Alonzo J. Walter, Brig. Gen., USAF (Ret.), F-86 Sabre Pilots Association

"…an unbelievable presentation by JD Wetterling, who captivated an audience of several hundred. Everyone was in awe of this man. We had all at one time or other been exposed to exceptional speakers but he was outstanding. He will captivate many audiences."
Mrs. Richard E. Schilling, Daughter of the American Revolution

“Mr. Wetterling has to be one of the most amazing persons I have ever met. From the minute he took the podium his persona commanded attention and respect. He was immediately likeable, charismatic and put the audience at ease. Probably the most intriguing aspect of his speaking (and writing) ability is his artistic use of the language to paint pictures and create mental images of the story he is telling. This skill…created the most moving and powerful speech I have ever witnessed. Mr. Wetterling had 200 people mesmerized, stunned and some in tears. For days afterward and to this day as I come in contact with persons who heard Mr. Wetterling, people go out of their way to remark to me about the enthralling speech they heard that day in Sacramento—rarely does this happen with conference speakers. He is truly a professional of national and world-class caliber.”
Thomas P. Hoffman, Former President of the California Licensed Foresters Association

“JD Wetterling is an absolutely captivating speaker and I found myself…spellbound by his words of his experiences and adventures. Mr. Wetterling has the special ability to capture his audience with his subject and the way he delivers it, making it come alive for them.”
Laure Day, Arts Coordinator, Cultural Affairs Dept., Oldsmar, FL

“I have heard Mr. JD Wetterling speak on two occasions. He was superb each time. This man has the ability to address an audience without notes and hold absolute attention throughout his address. At times…his descriptive ability brought tears to my eyes. Each affair terminated in a standing ovation.”
John H. Deam, MD, Retired Physicians of Manatee Co., FL

“JD Wetterling has an uncanny ability to engage and move an audience. He received a standing ovation at our Air Force squadron reunion (in Cleveland).”
Dalton Smith, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

"The entire club was caught in rapt attention for his full thirty minute presentation. Many stayed after the meeting to ask questions...."
Lynda Vinson, President, Tarpon Springs Rotary Club

"Mr. Wetterling, thank you for speaking to our squadron this weekend. I asked for "rebluing" (a motivational speech. Ed.) and that is what I got. Mission accomplished! I was thanked over and over throughout the weekend for bringing you to our commanders call."
Michael J. Winglewich, CMSgt., FL Air National Guard

“Mr. Wetterling is a published author, a former USAF Top Gun fighter pilot, a former governor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a financial advisor with a leading investment banking institution, an entrepreneur and church elder. He brings the diversity of his experience to his speeches to create rich and lively events.
“Mr. Wetterling is a man of exceptional poise, grace and professionalism. He is able to speak extemporaneously with ease, and his warm and friendly demeanor creates an instant rapport with his audience. He is authoritative without being intimidating.
“His speeches are a hybrid mix of history, philosophy, theology, fact and personal experience. He aims to teach as well as motivate and move, and it is a rare occasion when he doesn’t bring his audience to their feet in a standing ovation."
Theresa Stefanidis, Literary Agent