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"NO ONE..."

No one but God can save you from your sins and guarantee eternal life with him. Here's how, in his amazing grace, he does it, in six simple quotes by Jesus, all beginning with "No one…," found in the Gospel of John. They comprise the most important message that can enter the mind of man—how God saves sinners. His words are simple enough for a youth to grasp, profound enough to stagger the mind of an intellectual. God willing, he can change your life forever, or the life of someone you love, in an evening of reading.

"No one…” was first published in 2006 by Christian Focus Publications, Ltd., Scotland, UK, under the title, “No one…”: When Jesus says it he means it, now out of print. The text in this edition, but for the subtitle, remains the same.

This brief witness to Christ focuses uniquely on just six statements Jesus uttered that can profoundly affect anyone regardless of race, religion or lack thereof. The subject of all six sentences consists of two simple monosyllable words that are beyond argument in their clarity. Some parts of God’s Word are not easy for the human mind to grasp, but the subject of these six sentences is not among them. The subject of these unshakable certainties is “No one.” No one argues about what the phrase, “No one” means. “No one” means not one ... none … zero. It does not mean some. It does not mean a few. It means none, with no qualifiers, no exceptions, no divine loopholes. These six factual statements are absolute truth, not relative truth, not “true today because I feel that way but who can say about tomorrow.”


"No one is a more convincing advocate of the Gospel than a man deeply in love with the Savior, his Word and his world. JD Wetterling is such a man, and writes with a passion for each that no one can miss, nor should.”
Dr. Bryan Chapell, President, Covenant Theology Seminary, St. Louis, MO

“When life is shaken down to its most essential properties, when we are confronted with life and death choices, what becomes most important? In his forceful book, “No one…,” JD Wetterling touches on the essential issues and questions that challenge us to make sense of life for the present as well as for eternity. JD writes like he lives: straight and honest, with a spirit of concern for everyone's eternal destiny. He flew many missions as a combat pilot, but none were as important to him as the one he has set out in this book. Now he is fighting for the souls of men and women to know the certainty of life, which is true and eternal. And he does this by pointing us all to Jesus Christ, the only Savior who can and does secure eternal life for all who believe.”
Dr. Dominic Aquila, President, New Geneva Theological Seminary, Colorado Springs, CO

“You, like me, probably are often casting about for a readable booklet to put into the hands of a thoughtful, unconverted acquaintance. JD Wetterling has provided such a tool for us. Mr. Wetterling writes clearly and persuasively about six exclusive claims of Jesus Christ. Because ours is a time in which people place the highest premium on toleration, it is necessary to confront them with the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ. I plan on keeping copies with me, as I travel, to give to people who show an interest in talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
Joseph A. Pipa Jr., Ph.D., President, Greenville (SC) Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“This is a short book but a powerful book showing the reality of the Gospel and also the power of the Gospel. You will do well to read it and also to pass along to others. It will strengthen the faith of believers and lead others to consider the claims of Christ in a very real and practical way.”
Paul D. Kooistra, Coordinator, Mission to the World and former President, Covenant Theological Seminary

“Compared to many, this is a small book! You will find, however, its message towering above many other things you have read. Its magnitude is established by its simple and profound wording, readability, clear thinking, solid content, straight-forward style, and the dependability of really good theology grounded in the authority of God’s word. I am thankful for the opportunity to commend “No one…” to you. Each time I have read it, I have wondered to myself, why hasn’t someone said this before? It is so right! I am confident that you will find it a helpful apologetic and evangelistic tool. I am confident that you will also find it refreshing and restorative to your own certainty in the face of many uncertainties.”
Rev. Mo Up De Graf, Administrator, Ridge Haven (PCA) Conference Center and Retreat, Brevard, NC

“The first time I read something that JD Wetterling had written—a guest column in The Wall Street Journal—I knew I had to get to know this man better. Indeed, because what he said in those few words was so compelling, I picked up the phone and called him, even though I’d never heard of him before. JD Wetterling knew then—and he still knows--how to capture the biggest ideas in life in a few arresting words, and he does that wonderfully in “No one….” He’s the kind of writer who makes you yearn to sit down and talk some more with him after you’ve finished reading what he wrote.”
Joel Belz, founder of World magazine

“JD Wetterling clearly explains six key verses from the Gospel of John that all Christians should take to heart. He emphasizes God's sovereignty and the assurance that deepens among all those who fully trust him.”
Marvin Olasky, editor-in-chief, World magazine and author

“Once again JD Wetterling has opened a door that I was afraid to open. For forty years I kept the door closed on the Vietnam event—two tours, 500 hours of air combat, medals and all that. I wanted to forget it and just get on with my life. But JD opened that door in Son of Thunder so I could deal with the reality of war and accept myself again. Now, in “No One…,” he has opened another door, the courage to speak publicly about my faith. This little book will always be my companion when I travel to world mission fields. I am frequently asked to speak extemporaneously and now I have a ready text with a message for all peoples and all occasions. Thanks, JD.”
Terry Kennedy, CEO, AidsFam

“In a world that repeatedly questions the divinity of Christ and His truthful words comes a refreshing work from JD Wetterling that addresses the very essence of what each believer and seeker should know about a relationship with the Savior. As a Pastor, I highly recommend this dynamic book as an affirmation for the follower of Jesus and as an evangelistic tool in reaching others for Him. “No one…” is for everyone who seeks a heart connection with Christ!”
Dr. Bert Welch, Pastor, Covenant Baptist Church (SBC),Lancaster, SC

“In our day there is a mad search for reality and certainty—even in the church. Therefore we Christians must be explicit in all our God-talk because we are all sinners and need a Savior. “No one...,” points clearly and directly to the ONE—Jesus—who accomplishes salvation for His people. It enables us to see and savor Jesus Christ, the fullest and most beautiful manifestation of the glory of God. It is a great instrument for youth and adults to get them grounded and encouraged in the truth of a relationship with Jesus Christ.”
The Rev. R. Grady Love, Retired Pastor, Brevard, NC

“JD Wetterling has given us nothing less than the Gospel in all its simplicity, beauty and glory. If this message is news to you, read this book and let God speak to your soul. If this is news you have heard a thousand times, allow yourself to hear it again, and let your faith be strengthened and renewed.”
Tim Challies, uber God-blogger at challies.com

“It is rare that an author can discuss the simplicity of the Gospel alongside its intricacies, rarer still when he can present the works of God in his sovereignty in such a winsome way. JD Wetterling has accomplished both of these tasks. “No one…” is applicable to seekers as well as mature believers, this is a tool for evangelism as well as an aid on the path to spiritual maturity.”
Dr. Dan H Youngren, Custer, SD

“Are you searching for encouragement in this uncertain world and want reassurance that God is in charge? In “No one…,” JD Wetterling describes God's gracious plan of redemption in a concise manner bringing understanding and confirmation of God's faithfulness. I have received Evangelism Explosion training and find this book helpful to all who present the Gospel to others.”
Jim Hassinger, Presbyterian Elder, Columbia, MO

“In a clear an uncompromising manner, JD Wetterling writes about six certainties set forth by the Word. He is clear, concise and highlights that truth is not up for grabs but based on absolutes that assure us of the trustworthiness of God’s Word. This book exalts the Lord, his written Word, and the absolute truths that undergird our Christian faith.”
Charles Dunahoo, Coordinator of Christian Education & Publications for the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

“JD Wetterling is right on target. In a book that can be read in a couple of hours, the absolute truth of the Bible is presented in a compelling manner. “No one…” is a must read for the seeker and will be enjoyed by every believer as they are refreshed again with their salvation.”
The Rev. Mack Griffith, Chaplain, US Army

“JD Wetterling presents, in concise, solid, theologically clear language six fundamental pillars of our Christian faith for the new, the casual, and the mature believer. It is food for the soul that contributes to a mature balanced diet that all should taste and savor.”
Bill Newton, Pastor, Woodland Hills Baptist Church, Asheville, NC