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Welcome to Wetterling’s Wordsmithing

A Witness to Echo Through the Ages

An F-100D (tail #56-2995) I flew in the Vietnam War (last on May 6, 1969, my 261st combat mission) is now ensconced in the Georgia Museum of Aviation. After 7 years of hard work by many people, it was dedicated in the front-and-center position of the Vietnam War building of the Museum on June 8, 2017. The Museum of Aviation is located at Robins Air Force Base in Warner-Robins, Georgia. It is the second largest in the U.S. Air Force museum system.


It was such thrill to be there for the dedication with my wife, son and his wife and three of our grandchildren, and let them climb into the cramped cockpit where Dad/Grandpa sweat bullets in a war a long time ago in a land far away. Aaron Robinson, a Michelangelo with sheet metal, restored that plane to like-new condition. Lifelong friend Maj. General Rick Goddard (USAF, ret.), often my wingman in that war, whose name is on the airplane, was the primary motivating force in making this all come to pass. She looked like I could kick the tires, light the fire and go dance the wild Georgia blue right then and there.


My first book, Son of Thunder, is based on my experience in this airplane in the Vietnam War.