“Grace to you and peace from God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Eleven of the Apostle Paul’s letters in the Bible begin with this salutation. It is not a trite greeting. He did not mean it to be, nor do I.

This was Paul’s hello: Grace to you and peace.
Good will to men and joy it will increase.
Of all good news it is by far the best—
Eternal truth, the only way man’s blessed.
Its grace, you see, alone, that changes hearts.
Depravity prevents, but God imparts
Some remade hearts that yearn to serve the Lord,
To do His will: praise Him with one accord.
The world derides this doctrine. Their loss,
This “foolishness,” this business of Christ’s cross,
But souls He’s saved, the objects of His grace,
Know with assurance they will see His face—
Amazing peace that passes understanding.
Grace and peace—indeed a perfect greeting.

* * * * *

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John Wetterling 1945-2015

In heav’n two brothers now reside
I long to enter in.
My elder is the Son of God—
His blood paid for my sin.
My younger suffered long and hard,
But faith gained him the win.

I’ve often wondered why it was
John had so many trials,
While I, big brother, got a pass
In spite of countless fails.
By grace John bore it all with class
The scheme of Satan pales …

Why, LORD, so long in Mayo’s care
Without recovery?
Perhaps a doubting nurse was there
Who heard two brothers pray,
And sought with scripture to compare,
And thence she found the Way?

Our sov’reign God controls it all
We need not know the how.
If such travail saved just one soul,
On bended knee we’ll bow,
With thanks for giving us a role
In His salvation vow.

Perhaps it’s wrong but I can’t hide
The feeling that haunts me.
In just eight days since brother died,
My grief’s now jealousy.
His joy’s complete. From sin he’s freed,
But mine I ever see.

O LORD, you’ve numbered all my days
Before the first one was.
They dwindle down but they’re your ways—
My fitness You must cause.
Renew in me a heart ablaze,
Eradicate my flaws.