After 6.5 years of fulltime RV'ing across God's magnificent theater of America--a delightful retirement sojourn that I would recommend for all--we've settled in southwest Ohio near grandchildren (also highly recommended). Now to write as long as the Lord grants body and brain to hold out. Recently the words have been showing up in iambic tetrameter or trimeter ... and rhyming ... more or less. We'll have to see where that goes. It's a lot more fun than doing crosswords in my codgerhood .... My blog, Cogitations,is still in business (link on right), for those days when the words don't rhyme and/​or current events overwhelm my retirement dream world. And I'm still keeping an eye out for the muse to arrive at my door with book-length inspiration. Thanks for stopping by. Our God still reigns! Never has that seemed more important.

New in 2015


GRACE IN THE GROWING SEASON second edition, paperback and Kindle. About 30% longer than the first edition (Kindle only).

SON OF THUNDER, revised in paperback.

A Plea to One Who Does Not See
by JD Wetterling

ďYou shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.Ē Luke 10:27

A fool for Christ Iíll gladly be.
His love I want to make you see.
Iíll not be mute as you go down.
Please stand with me, await a crown.

Yet itís not me who gives you sight
Or puts the light in your dark heart,
The Holy GhostóHe brings the flame.
Amazing Grace was Newtonís name.

Itís but for me my faith to share,
To bring the Gospel to your ear.
The rest of itís the Spiritís part
To move Good News from ear to heart.

That God chose meís a mystery.
He set me free for eternity,
His name to glorify and praise
And share His love for endless days.

So itís no chore, itís gratitude
That generates this preaching mood.
A bigot, haterówoe is me?
I will forgive. Your eyes donít see.

I pray that God inclines your mind
Forsooth His Truth can rock your worldó
Eternal life by faith alone:
Christ on the cross, your sins atoned.

Thereís more of this Good News to know:
Your faithís a gift by God bestowed.
Repent of sins that hold you back.
That tooís a gift, if you just ask.

* * * * *

With the whirlwind that has enveloped America, itís a good time to read or reread Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, widely considered the greatest sermon ever delivered on the North American continent, by Jonathan Edwards in 1741. It helped launch one of the greatest Christian revivals in the history of Christendom. Lord knows we need one now. You can find it all over the internet, but hereís a free download in ďmodernizedĒ language. Also included is a second sermon most appropriate for the current culture. It also demonstrates that Edwards was not always "fire and brimstone." He had a large heart for the lost. Read them both and be blessed by one of Christendom's greatest preacher/theologians.